Bus Stop / Traffic Awareness / No Parking Board


Bus Stop

Bus Stop is a place where people wait for buses. They are unoccupied with any work. This creates a good opportunity for Ads which are informatory or need more time to understand and convert. Conversion rate is also high as the customer gets time to think and decide about purchasing. They are of two types:

  • Back Lit
  • Non Lit

Traffic Awareness Booth

Traffice Awareness Booth is a relatively new medium of outdoor advertising. It can be installed in major Traffic Signals & Roundabouts. it gets more attention time as people have to wait for atleast 2-3mins for the green signal. This helps in Advertising for brands which create narrative Ads or Ads which require time to read and understand. Traffic awareness booth also helps in improvising brand image as the company spreads road safety tips.


No Parking Board

No Parking Boards are a type of Advertising which is economical as it is kept on the gates of societies and residencies for long time and it helps residents in decreasing vehicular parkings. It helps in creating brand awareness over the time. It can also be effective for companies which provide services like pest control, internet, plumbing, etc.