Business Auxiliary

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"Business Auxiliary Service" means any service in relation to -
(i) promotion or marketing or sale of goods produced or provided by or belonging to the client. or
(ii) promotion or marketing of service provided by the client.

"Service in relation to promotion or marketing of service provided by the client" includes any service provided in relation to promotion or marketing of games of change, organised, conducted or promoted by the client, in whatever form or by whatever name called, whether or not conducted online.

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Creative Design

Creative Design includes Logo, Brochure, Banner, Letterhead and various other forms of stationary designing which creates a brand identitiy. It is one of the most important aspects of Branding because a well designed logo conveys a professional image of the company.


Printing of Display Material

Printing of Display Materials include Hoardings, Banners, Boards, Signage, Kiosks and a lot more. Those are items used in Advertising and Marketing. It is essential that Print Quality and materials used should be standard so that it will add value to the brand. Seva undertakes orders for printing as well as installation of Display Materials. We have a record of Delivering on time.



Branding involves Designing and Printing of Brand Identity Materials. These can be boards, banners, hoardings, signage, etc. Branding is a very important aspect of Marketing as customers and other public regonise the brand through its print and display materials. It creates huge value. Every company whether small or big must undergo Branding in order to leave a professional image in client's minds. Branding is of two types namely Internal Branding which involves ID Cards, In-store banners and kiosks. External Branding involves those materials which are displayed outside the office like signage, hoardings, etc.

  • External
  • Internal


Signage is an important aspect of Brand Identity. it can be used to display company logo, name, contact details as well as a few services if possible. People often locate companies with the help of signages. It is a valuable asset in building brand awareness as people tend to look at signages while travelling in vehicles. This also creates Curiosity. Even Bank officials look for signage while approving loan. It creates trust.