Event Management

Types of Events

We organize many types of events. Some of which are as follows.

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Press Conference

Press conference is as useful way of Branding Product. It gives grace to the Brand...

We live in an era where Media is more powerful and influential than ever. Today People look from the eyes of media and decide whether a particular company is Good or Bad. Hence Companies can use media to create a healthy brand image. If at all a product's image is down then we can use media to modify and improvise its Image in the eyes of public. Seva Marketing has done various Press conferences in years for renowned Brands like Just in Time, Titan, etc.


Dealer Meets

Dealer's Meet is a Event which a company conducts to get close with their dealers...

In this meet the dealers and distributors of company's products are Awarded and recognised based on thier sales records and loyalty towards company. It is also a good opportunity to introduce new products or schemes. It Helps to increase Networking among company executives and dealers. It increases internal competition as dealers compete to get awards which in turn increases Sales for the company. Dealer's meet is also a day when top company executives address the issues faced by dealers and help them solve it.

Seva Marketing has been organising several Dealer's Meet events every year. We have worked with Corporates like Bank Of Baroda, KA Finsec, Asian Paints, etc. We organise everything from venue and catering to entertainment and other services.


Product Promotion

Product Promotion is a event wherein a company introduces new products to the general public and media...

Press and TV Media is present as well as bloggers and people. Product Promotion helps in improvising brand image and generating leads. It also educates public about features and benefits of the product/service. Product promotion event can also be used to answer any questions relating to the product. Now a days its equally important to promote a product as it is to research and develop it.



Exhibitions are big events in which many companies open thier stalls...

It attracts massive audience of various segments. It is a point of face to face interaction with potential clients. Exhibition helps in creating brand value of the participating companies. It is also a good opportunity to introduce new products in front of public. Exhibitions create direct sales opportunities which helps in increasing revenue and minimizing event cost for participators. Exhibitions generate highly targeted business leads as they are Advertised for the particular industry. It is also an opportunity to collect data and feedback from audience.



Inaugration Event is very important for every company as it introduces its...

its Products to the public through this event. Various features & specifications of the products are displayed and Questions from the audience are answered. It also has a demo on-site which creates curiosity and allows audience to interact with the company regarding the new product. It is a major event which gives push to sales of the new products. It also gets media attention which helps in generating awareness.